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We offer traditional engineering civil ,structural and environmental design services for the built environment. We can support you to create efficient and cost-effective solutions for new-build and renovation work. We work in both commercial, industrial and residential sectors and have a twenty year track record. We have worked with private organisations and individuals on a wide range of projects throughout the UK. We are based in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Engineering Tools

We design to the latest Eurocode and British Standards in hot and cold rolled steel, concrete, timber and masonry. We have a long history of designing straw-bale buildings. All work is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Engineering  Design

Analysis, design and draughting is done using 3D modelling software including: Scia Engineer, Revit, Autocad, Tekla, CADS-RC, IDEA Statica,

Blueprint Design

We do traditional surveys and inspections of buildings but now have the ability to offer drone surveys and inspections. Using photo-grammetry and lidar scanning techniques we can build 3D models of buildings that can be turned into analytical data.


Previous Work


East Yorkshire

Timber reciprocal framed bird-hide, East Yorkshire.

engineering 3D600x400.jpg

The Borders

Timber frame & straw-bale visitor centre in the Scottish Borders.



Timber frame & straw-bale house in Fife.

Salisbury Road_edited.jpg

London Area.

New apartment block utilising reinforced concrete frames and slabs.



New residential property, timber frames



Commercial renovation, York.

Sofidel Baglan_edited.jpg

South Wales

New transformer house at commercial premises, steel frame and piles.

Whitby Distillery.png


Commercial new build, masonry, timber and steel



New commercial build, steel frame.



New build residential, cold rolled steel, stud & track construction.

little staunton_edited.png


Aircraft hanger, long span cold rolled steel truss systems.

Partridge Hill farm.png

North Yorkshire

Refurbishment of existing structures


1-3 Rosemary Lane
North Yorkshire
DL10 4DP

01748 822748

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Engineering Plans

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